What if I unplug the external storage on my Turris Omnia?

Hello all,
I just installed an external storage (USB HD) and even a Nextcloud on it.

My concern is : what would happen if this storage is unexpectedly disconnected (or suddenly faulty

Will the Omnia continue with just no storage capability?
Among others can I consider that all basic settings, connection details, passwords etc. are preserved anyway?

Thank you!

External storage basically just mounts to the /srv folder of your Omnia. Everything that’s there will be lost on external storage failure. But all settings etc. are in /etc, so they are safe. On /srv, there are large data like nextcloud storage, virtual machines and such. However, there’s a risk - if the storage gets disconnected and you don’t notice it, writing to /srv will write directly to the internal memory of Omnia, which has limited lifetime.

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