What HDD to use with the NAS perk?

Is there an official recommendation which HDD to get for the NAS (except it’s got to be 3.5", SATA, of course)?
I’m aiming for the WD Red series, and there should be no problems, amirite?

I remember reading an article about the HDDs reliability, iirc, statistically, HGST was the most reliable (followed by seagate and then WD).
Since they are now owned by WD, you might want to look for the newer WD drives, though i’m not sure of the series (e.g. red, black and so on).

From my personal experience, everything except Seagate or Samsung is quite reliable and decent.
I would personally use WD Red drives for NAS.

well, that’s the problem with personal experiences… my last seagate drive ran >7years :wink:

Why do you think the has to be 3.5" and a HDD?
I would think that fitting 4 x 2.5" is possible with a 3.5" adapter or 4 x SSD in the same.

And I had them constantly dying in regular 6 month schedule, untill I just gave up.
WD and HGST drives have Zero problems in same equipment, some of those being 10+ years old. :slight_smile:

I prefer WD Black, theyre noisy, but warranty 5 yrs win :smiley:

WD Red Pro or Re has also 5 years warranty, but both are drives designed for Arrays and NAS usage :wink:

I never heard about Red Pro ,but I heard about RE or SE.

This might prove to be an interesting read for some:

Hard Drive Reliability Review for 2015

A few months down the road since this topic was active: Are there any conclusions on drives that are a better fit for a Omnia NAS?

in my server storage, Seagate runs smoothly for 5 yrs.
New WD RE 1 year and dead… (i replaced 5)

EDIT: speaking about HP marked storage disks. WD ENTERPRISE RaidEdition

In my storage I use WD Red’s, had couple of Seagates but they tend to die in 6 months…
Most of the RED’s have run for 3-4 years, without a single failure.

I bought the HGST Deskstar NAS. Runs perfectly. It is a little on the loud side during heavy writing, but that is all a matter of taste I guess.

I just found two old Seagate Barracudas in a drawer. Would they work with the NAS case?

There isn’t any reason why it shouldn’t work.