What external devices are you planning to/did you connect to your router?

Hey everybody,

Bedrich Kosata asked about what external devices we would like to connect to the router (except via the obvious ports like USB and so on). The more the project team knows about our plans, the better the preparation of the hacker perk will be! Although I’m very curious about your ideas :relaxed:

I’ll start: Currently I’ve four things in mind.

  1. Connect an IR LED and/or radio module (433 MHz, like RFM12) to control an LED Stripe and several power sockets (via a radio module).
  2. I’ve a home made mood light hanging in my hall. Right now I’m able to control it via clapping my hands. It would be nice to use the router for this purpose too.
  3. Connect sensors (for example to measure the temperature; DS18S20)
  4. Last but not least: I would like to use the router to communicate with electronic projects of mine where I’m using a microcontroller. Maybe although to fulfill the possibilities 1 to 3. The router could be my gateway to the internet or to my mobile while I’m at home.

Now it’s your turn, please go ahead!



LED newsticker with real-time, colour coded threat annoucements

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I have a few ideas:
1: Use router as server to collect data and send to phone etc. in my home automation system
2. Connect bunch of sensor to collect temperature, humidity and executive modules (relays) to control light, watering in garden etc. I want to build sensors using USR-WIFI232-T wifi modules and microcontroller (eg. ATmega).
3. Connect LCD4LINUX or GLCD2USB display to watch most important parameters of network or/and hardware.

Greetings from Poland!


  • U-Blox GPS with PPS output to use Omnia as Stratum-1 NTP server.
  • Mini-PCIe card to connect two 3,5" SATA drives (NAS).

EDIT: Maybe R820T2 DVB-T dongle as SDR.

hopefully on a long usb cable :smile:

I may suggest connecting a wall clock for precise NTP-based time :grinning:


I think you may use something like this:

They are probably Linux compatible, how do you plan to power the hard drives?

I’ve ordered this:

exactly same things as posted here :slight_smile:

Thank you.
I will probably wait for some benchmarks (USB3 vs mSATA vs mPCI adapter) or some all-in-one case solution with not extra power supply.

mSATA will keep everything clean inside the router.

I am willing to connect relay modules to power on/of AC devices

I have a synology server.
Maybe there is a smart way of letting the Turris router work together with the Synology, by wireless communication or with cable. This is vague from my side, but maybe this can inspire others to come up with something.

FreeNAS server. RPi Kodi system.
Maybe a Bitcoin Node to run Bitcoin Payment Verification

Btw, what are dimensions of pin header? I want to make something like Arduino shield with GPS (http://i.imgur.com/ZIcAohS.png).

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  1. IrDA (to pins similar to raspberry-pi)
  2. LTE modem on mPCIE (as backup connection)
  3. SATA<->mSATA converter to connect HDD (attached to case if there will be enough space and won’t be hot too much).
  4. Weather station reciver on usb (fowsr)