What does "Working on message" mean from Updater.sh

I need assistance interpreting the messages output by updater.sh. Here is a typical output:

WARN:Script file:///usr/share/updater/localrepo/localrepo.lua not found, but ignoring its absence as requested
WARN:Requested package luci-i18n-ddns-en that is missing, ignoring as requested.
Working on message: 1513614007-18878
There is no message to send.

I interpret the first one as informational output - some optional local instruction file isn’t present, and the script so indicates. The second WARN seems similarly benign, but I’m curious why it’s looking for and not finding what appears to be a luci plug-in. I seem to see these two every time I run updater. Clarification would be appreciated.

The third message is the focus of this thread. I’ve figured out that update instructions must be called “messages”. I had several of these in outputs earlier today. I noticed that some had disappeared after I received an email alerting me that a package had been installed.updated. I don’t understand, however, why these “working on” messages will be displayed over an extended period of time if I re-run updater.sh. I’m accustomed to update installation being quick on Linux systems, but I’ve run updater several times over the course of a couple of hours… still working on the same message. The “working on…” text doesn’t appear in updater.sh, so I’m guessing that it’s generated by a called program?

The final line also shows up seemingly every time I run updater.sh. I’m guessing that it means “don’t have an email alert to send about updates as this moment”? Again, clarification would be appreciated.


First line tels you that you don’t have any local repository with your own packages - not from repositories, there is an optional include to make those work.
Second line is because based on localization we try to pull in correct languages for every LuCI package (in automatic way) and ddns package just doesn’t have english localization like every other LuCI package, but depends on default being english.
Third and fourth messages are AFAIK regarding notifications in Foris - you should have one message in your web interface that you can dismiss and get rid of this message in updater output I think and it is not sending any e-mails as there is no new message to send, or you have mail notifications disabled (this part, I’m not sure, I’m not a part of updater team, so wild guess)

This local reporitory is something new / needed?

I have own packages simply stated in user.lua like

Package("adblock", { content = "file:///root/upravy/packages/adblock_3.1.1-1_all.ipk" })

Is there need to change something in this regard when updating to versions above 3.8 ?