What commands are required to change connected usb flash disk?

I am new to Turris and I must say also to Linux. I somehow managed to mount usb flash disk to my Turris based on commands found online. I have it as /mnt/usb and it is also detected as Storage in Foris environment ( displayed as sda srv - General UDisk (1 GiB) btrfs, Device currently in use is sda).
Now, I would like to change physically the flash disc to bigger one. What commands needs to be issued in console and what is the correct order of commands to be used? In order to use new (replaced) flash in the same way (as storage).
I tried to disconnect old flash physically and connect new one, but Storage in Foris environment displayed error page and I am guessing that initially, dismount or something like that is needed.
Please help me.
Thank you


Regular USB disk mounted somewhere can be remounted using LUCI/MountPoint section or via ssh.
“Storage” USB disk can be mounted/unmounted same way as regular usb drive. … but, you have to check/change “/etc/config/storage” and provide correct/related “UUID” of the new partition.

Now it is question if you want just fresh new “bigger” storage (and you are fine with full or partial data loss) or you want to actually migrate data from actual to new and swap them (on-fly or dirty way).

Exact steps, chm … id depends what you really want. You can just unplug old , plug new, do the necessary changes in FORIS/Storage (and it will format, change the config for you automatically). Once done, plug the old usb again (mount it to some other mount point/folder) copy data from old to new.

You can also plug new drive, migrate data from old to new directly. Manually prepare new drive (plug it, partition/format it same way as it is done for old drive). Change the config file manually (put new uuid there ; to find it just issueblkid command in shell and look for your favorite “sdXX” ). Copy data from old to new. Once done copying , un-mount actual “srv” ( umount /srv or umount /dev/sda1 ). Unmount new from temporary location and re-mount it to “srv” or reboot TO (which should mount it for you during init process).

Some more skilled user might utilize the btrfs features (creating snapshot, mounting to different location, swap them on fly …) … (but that is still far from my know-how at this point).


When I disconnect flash disk and enter FORIS/Storage, error page is displayed. When I reconnect old flash and restart router, everything is fine.
I do not want to migrate old data, I want to start with brand new flash.
Could anyone give exact commands I should do / steps I should follow?
btw: LUCI/MountPoint - I am not able to find it - is it standard part or should it be installed?
Thank you very much

You can access LUCI from FORIS (tab: advanced administration) . (which is another way how to manage your TO).

I think easier way is to keep actual usb drive as it is, plug your new one. Reboot TO. Go to FORIS and change selection from old-usb to new-usb. Wait until init and format of that drive/partition is done, reboot your TO. Go to FORIS/Storage again and check if your new-usb is now selected correctly. If so, all done, you can unplug your old-usb later on. In general , it does not matter which usb-port is used or/and what “sdX” it is, Storage is identifying the correspond drive by UUID.

Another (similar way) , delete UUID value from “/etc/config/storage” file, (you have to be in shell), save the changes, issue “uci commit” and “sync” commands.Power off your router, unplug old-usb, plug new-usb. Power on, go to FORIS/Storage and you should be able to see/select new drive.

Hope it will help.

I will try it, thank you. But there is a problem. I know how to access Luci. But, there is not LUCI/MountPoint in my case or System/MountPoint! Is it possible to add it there somehow?
Thank you

I have found out! It is required to install NAS support. Then it appears in Luci…