What are *-hbd and *-hbk branches for?

Are they replace the now out of date omnia-next?




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Just to add a warning, those branches are currently nowhere near beta quality yet. So don’t try them unless you want to break your system and be forced to do factory reset. We will let you know once it will be testable.

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Do you mean its even less stable than official 18.06 images?

What would be the reason for it?
I am asking because I am looking for best vanilla OpenWRT experience, without any extras.
So far random pre 18.06 snapshots worked fine, with custom Mikroitik wifi cards.

It is much less stable than current Turris OS nightly builds. It might as well be even less stable than OpenWRT images. I know that there is bunch of problems with those and our builds have at least half of those and few more due to highly wip integration. And currently are mainly untested.