Warnings about configuration files not present in user notifications

Just saw turris was updated this night. Just noticed that you added some parameters to e.g. /etc/config/resolver, the new file got created as /etc/config/resolver-opkg as i changed the old file.
When running the updater manually, i get output like this:
WARN:Config file /etc/config/updater modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/updater-opkg

But i didn’t see those Messages in the Email that was sent after the update from my omnia. I think it would make sense to show these “WARN” Messages in the email.


I was about to open a topic because I just noticed those files.

So during an update, if this update include a new default config file, it will appear as filename-opkg in /etc/config ?

How can we keep track of those changes ?