Want to use the Omnia router as a very-well-endowed AP

This may sound nuts, but I wish to use the Omnia router inside my network. I have a solid reliable firewall and DHCP server on my gateway machine which have been bulletproof for some time, and my current router (ASUS) is on my internal network. Clients go through the wi-fi on it to get an IP from my server. I wish to do the same thing, at least for now, with the Omnia. Right now, I have it set up in “computer” mode, with a static IP on my internal network (192.168.1.x) via the LAN0 port. The WAN is disabled, as it currently is on the Asus router. I was able to update the Omnia without any problems but clients can’t get an IP address. How do I configure the Omnia to allow my DHCP server to work? I disabled, at least for now, the Omnia’s firewall.

Thanks in advance!

Since you are using Lan0, I assume you run Turris OS 4 (or higher).

The basic configuration should be to disable DHCP and create a bridge containing all lan and wlan ports. However, there are issues in Turris OS 4 where the internal switch seems to not update properly when a device moves around in the network, i.e. moves from one AP to another. That will cause DHCP to fail, so you might be running into that. See OMNIA: Vlan on DSA port breaks arp responses (TOS 4.0.5)

If that is the issue you are having you should see that DHCP fails if the device has been connected in an other way recently. However it should start working again once the device has been of the netwerk for ~20 minutes. For wifi devices, in Android 9 and higher you can enable mac address randomization which will avoid this issue. I think the same is true for windows 10, but I haven’t tested that.

On the very same page, where you enabled PC-mode you need to enter DHCP and DNS-server addresses. Having that done, it works like a charm.
And that’s just how I configured one of my TO.

Yes, running v. 4.0.5.

DHCP is disabled on all IFs.

Got it working. Had to go into Luci. All seems good now. Thanks!

Quick question: Does adblock work if I’m using my own DNS via the LAN network only?

If you mean the adblock package, that one blocks DNS resolved on the machine where the package is installed. (By default, Turris configured as router sets itself as DNS provider via DHCP.)

I have an Omnia which I have been using as an intelligent wi-fi hub (“PC Mode”). I run my own firewall and DHCP server on my internal network, and was using the Omnia to pass through Wi-Fi and hardwired (via the LAN interfaces) DHCP requests to my internal DHCP server. Lately, however, this has stopped working, and nobody (wi-fi or hardwired) seems to be able to get an IP address (in other words, no apparent handoff to my internal DHCP server). I have been tweaking settings in ReForis and Luci but can’t get this to start working again. The Omnia has a static IP and associated parameters. The hardwired machines are plugged into an ethernet switch which is plugged into LAN0 (the machines on this switch include the firewall/DHCP server). The connectivity test passes on IPv4 (not running IPv6), but I can’t get this to work again. Please advise - thanks.

Edit - this has been dealt with. There was an erroneous instance of dhcpd running on the server. Once I killed it and restarted it, all was good again.

The only thing that I can’t figure out is that an IPv6 DNS entry is being pushed out (fd9f:ac:1561::1) - is that loopback? After I rebooted the Omnia, it went away.