WAN led continuously flashing

Hello everyone,

The modem of my ISP is set to bridge mode and linked to the WAN port of my Turris Omnia router. Since then, the WAN led of the Turris Omnia router is constantly flashing.

I found a similar topic describing the same thing, and I tried the tcpdump command suggested in this answer. It revealed that the Turris Omnia router receives a continuous flow of ARP requests.

I would like to know if this is expected? Is it a normal behavior of the ISP network or in the contrary a misconfiguration of the ISP network?

Is it possible to configure the Turris Omnia router to not make the WAN led flashing for this kind of incoming requests? I would like to be able to use this led to see only “useful” traffic like DNS requests, HTTP(S) requests, SSH connections and so on.


See trigger on LuCI … System - LED configuration

Work only to reboot … More inspiration …