WAN configuration with SFP module and VLAN


Is it possible to configure VLAN ID´s on the WAN interface?

I wish to kick out my “ISP router/moden” and only use my Turris Omnia. I have an SFP fiber module that should be working with the fiber-connector from my ISP, but i know I have to configure the WAN settings to be able to get internet-access.

Because the ISP offers IP-telephone, TV and internet access on the same “fiber”, they segments the different signals with VLAN tags, so for me to access internet, i belive I have to configure the correct VLAN ID. I already know the correct VLAN ID, I am just wondering if this is possible at all on the Turris Omnia?


I was able to get this to work using the VLAN documentation under the LUCI section in the docs.

The examples only covers the use of VLAN on the LAN ports, but VLAN also works on the WAN ports.
So if anyone need to set the vlan id for the wan, they need to change the interface to “wan0.VLAN-ID”. (e.g. wan0.22, if the VLAN ID is 22"