VPN Server via VPN tunnel

Hi guys,

my vpn provider offers a port forwarding option. Means, i have to be connected to a vpn server and this server has a public ip. one port of this public server is forwarded through this tunnel to my internal vpn server. I already opened the port on this tunnel, but i can’t get a connection to my vpn server. I already pinged the port of my vpn provider and this port is open an also routed to my omnia. But if i try to connect to my internal vpn server i don’t get a connection.

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Thank you in advance

I recommend you to ask your provider for SNAT/DNAT translation. This will give you public IP address.


i know what you mean, but these are 5€ per month and i want to know, why this is not working. The tunnel is running on tun0, from firewall point of view all inputs are blocked except the vpn port which is “ACCEPT INPUT” for all requests to device. If I ping this port, it is open/filtered. As soon as i close this port it is closed -> routing seems to work.

Does anybody have an idea?

May be its a VPN problem, I am using FastestVPN and i havent faced any problem in connecting to different server locations

Agreed with Russellgill, i too have used NordVPN and did not had this issue for once. Can you guide me what vpn service you are using, is it connected on router or your device, also please do mention the device you are using it on so people can help better.

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