VPn problem on TurrisOS 4.0.1


have updated one of my Turris to TurrisOS 4.0.1, only problem i have now is OPENVPN.

Configured by default from FORIS menu. I can connect to VPN, anyway i cannot ping any local IP.

I checked with second Turris, still on 3.8*, looks same.

Is OPENVPN working on Turris 4.0.1?


Since 3.11 i havent got openvpn running. I migrated to 4.01 today and I saw something strange.

In the openvpn config file my IP was not filled in it said something like “serveraddress”. (even though autodetect is on)

Openvpn on 4.01 works better for me, as i got an ip from my openvpn network, but i cant do anything secure while away :frowning:

Anyway, hope this can help you. I think I give up with openvpn.

Did you try rebooting your Turris after enabling OpenVPN?
I had the same issue on TurrisOS 3.x, and the problem was that the routing table lacked the routing information to the VPN. This was solved by a reboot.

@ekim and @ricmik I had reported this issue here

Easy to fix, in the client config file where it has

remote <server_adddress> 1194

just replace <server_adddress> with your WAN IP address.

The bug is fixed in the yet to be released TurrisOS 4.0.2 and 3.11.9 versions.