Vpn-policy-routing broke in last OS update

After last night’s automatic upgrade, the vpn-policy-routing service suddenly stopped working. In the log it says, ERROR: service failed to load kernel modules!

It was working correctly before the upgrade.

Anyone else noticed this? I’d appreciate any advice on how to fix this problem.

vpn-policy-routing 0.0.2-29, kernel 4.4.161


To other victims - a rollback to 0.0.2-28 fixed the issue. (Which of course had to involve a schnapps rollback since the opkg on Turris OS doesn’t support the = syntax for installing specific versions of packages.)

I disabled the automatic upgrades to prevent this from happening again – it’s a pity that the Turris QA process can’t be trusted. I mean, this error is quite trivial to detect as the service emits an error message and fails to start up. This isn’t even a new problem:


The package is provided by a 3rd party (@stangri) and not delivered from the TOS repo and is not related thus to an update of TOS

it’s a pity that the Turris QA process can’t be trusted.

I have checked it, and we don’t have this package in our repository. Otherwise, what said @anon50890781 is true and we didn’t do any update yesterday.

the developer @stangri fixed it https://github.com/stangri/openwrt_packages/issues/39#issuecomment-444665790