VPN client not working on Turris OS 5

Yesterday I tried to connect to VPN the first time since I have upgraded to Turris OS 5 with my MOX classic (currently on 5.0.4).

I am suing luci to configure the VPN connection but had not changed anything since Turris OS 4. The connection is not working any longer. I don’t even have logs for my vpn anymore despite configuration. Openvpn attempting the connection does not even show up in system log.

My configuration for openvpn is as following:

config openvpn 'VPN'
    option client '1'
    option reneg_sec '0'
    option persist_key '1'
    option nobind '1'
    option remote_cert_tls 'server'
    option dev 'tun'
    option persist_tun '1'
    option auth_user_pass '/etc/openvpn/userpass.txt'
    option ca '/etc/luci-uploads/cbid.openvpn.VPN.ca'
    option key_direction '1'
    option auth 'SHA1'
    option cipher 'BF-CBC'
    option log '/var/log/openvpn.log'
    option log_append '/var/log/openvpn.log'
    option pull '1'
    option verb '5'

How can I make it work again?

It turns out that OpenVPN-openssl was not installed.