Vers 5 install gone bad

I had my Mox router set to update with approval. I was on the most recent version of 4 I believe when I saw there was a 5.0 and 5.0.1 update. I approved the update. it started downloading for a bit. Eventually internet access died as expected. After half an hour of no access it still wasn’t up and running and only blinking quickly. Because one of the known issues said something about reboot not performing correctly (I have no idea if this was in reference to installation or what, I really wish the Turris team was better at communicating things like this), I figured it should have been done and pulled the plug, waited 30 seconds and plugged it back in to reboot. Now it generally seems to work, but I can’t enter Forris or ReForris. It just gives a “503 service not available” error. I tried rebooting again, same thing. I can get into Luci and it says I’m on version 5.0.1, but the system log says “Error: logfile not found!”

edit to add: the wireless network cards aren’t working either. Only the wifi guest network I have set up with a different router and connected to the mox through ethernet is running.

Also have this exact issue. Having a devil of a time trying to find where to find the previous firmware to flash with so I can get a MOX w/ working WiFi again…

That is to say I can only find the ‘latest’ which is the one that breaks and the one I don’t want:

Does your Forris gui just give an error as well?

Login using ssh. As root type Schnapps. You will see a list of options. List your snapshots, checking dates etc. Apply rollback to snapshot. . . my 2c

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Yep exact same two issues when I was trying to figure out what happened to my WiFi suddenly going out:

(For Forris, can’t even login):

And Luci while I can login, the logs are borked:

For those wanting a more definitive set of steps who may not be familiar with terminal:

  1. Open terminal/console
  2. Enter ssh root@[router IP Addr]
  3. Enter schnapps list. This will return a list of numbers. Find one that pre-dates 2020/06/15 (5.0.1 release)
  4. Enter schnapps rollback [number]
  5. Power reboot your router by unplugging power for 30 seconds, plugging back in. Using the reboot option from Luci UI likely won’t work
  6. [Optional] Make sure to either disable automatic updates, or set it to require approval to prevent from going back to bad firmware

Thank you brm and snarfel. Those steps really helped out. I expected this to be an ordeal but within a few minutes I was back up to where I used to be.

Now the question is how do I properly update to version 5. Should I have waited longer than half an hour for it to update? What if I updated using the rescue from internet steps. and then restored settings backed up from version 4? Just wait to try when they release a new version?

While I agree that Turris team communication is generally subpar, this issue was already faced when upgrading to TOS 5 when it was still in beta and recommended solution from Turris team was to login using ssh and run pkgupdate manually.
So I would first try to do upgrade again and eventually fix it from command line. In case you are worried about using UI for upgrade again, I would suggest to do the upgrade using pkgupdate directly.

Thanks for suggestion/solution… will try later. This makes it that much more amusingly worse. Not only did they knowingly introduce a major feature regression (no WiFi) that was sure to be picked up by most routers given auto-update UI recommending auto-update, they didn’t even bother to put the manual fix steps in the 5.0.1 announcement post

We are such bad guys, right? Looking into Support article in our documentation, I see following paragraph about forum:

For help with advanced setups, you might want to check our forum, which is a platform for our users to discuss among themselves and to help each other even with unsupported scenarios.

Forum is not bug tracker as well. There is an official support available to you via e-mail.

Bad guys, no. People implementing horrendous software lifecycle practices by knowingly pushing releases that cause major feature regressions and not even providing the manual fix in the official comms, yes.

Look I get it, we all make mistakes, myself included. I’m on your team though. I’ve contributed localization to both Foris and reForis and recommend your routers. Heck, I want the easy custom DNS settings that come with 5.0.x as I understand it so I can easily point to my pi-hole. However, it becomes extremely hard to recommend your products to friends and family when the Turris Team puts out major regressions and then official Turris Team folk decide to get antagonistic in the forums rather than do something productive like update the 5.0.1 announcement to include the beta manual fix steps johny has highlighted which seems to be largely just running pkgupdate. Would probably help if someone said they won’t knowingly push major feature regressions in future releases. While I work in IT and deal with these kinds of issues, I shouldn’t have to worry about my (grand)parent’s WiFi in another state breaking because of bad release practices.

I don’t think anything you are accusing these guys of is intentional.
And I would bet a lot, that they released TOS 5 with best intentions.
Sadly the end results you describe are product of regular behavior of programming folk (who are generally just geeks developing new fancy stuff) and you need UX and Quality guys to create good user experience.
At least that’s my years long IT experience;-)
The upgrade failure you got is probably edge case and not something they knowingly let go into stable release and noWifi most probably just a by-product of failed upgrade…