Verify what DNS resolver is running

Is there a way to check which resolver the Omnia currently uses for name resolution?
Maybe a command for the console or a look in one of the config files?
Use WinSCP for the access or the LuCI interface.
What surprised me a bit is the fact that I have never changed anything with DNSmasq, Unbound or kresd, but the service kresd is not switched on in Autostart. It is called always knot would be the standard, the responsible service is not kresd?

Best regards!

Yes, kresd should be the default on Omnia. You can verify what’s listening for DNS e.g. by

netstat -lp | grep domain

Service that is enabled is resolver, base on settings it will start either knot or unbound. Prefered resolver is set in /etc/config/resolver

Thanks for the answers, this is exactly what I was looking for! As expected, it is knot!