Vanilla Linux Kernel on Omnia


I just wanted to ask what’s the status of running a recent vanilla Linux kernel on Omnia? I really don’t want to be limited by OpenWRT and want to run Debian 8 instead.


Vanilla mostly works. What you would need to take care by yourself is to take dts from the tree, probably port switchtool from OpenWRT so you can control switch, might be worth getting rainbow as well to setup LEDs and there are some temporally hacks around SFP support/auto-detection as the subsystem that is needed is not in the mainline yet. Over the time, more stuff will get upstreamed.


@piit79 You could consider running Debian inside an LXC container on the Omnia, but I am not sure whether you consider that “vanilla”, it’s close though (and no need to throw OpenWRT in the bin).

@woosting Hi, I suppose that would be a solution. Running Debian in a container doesn’t feel low-level enough though - I want to be able to use nftables (liking them a lot) and other low level networking stuff and don’t want to be limited by packages available in OpenWRT. It seems unnecessary to limit the possibilities by using an embedded OS on such a powerful machine.

Also, I don’t really know OpenWRT, I’ve always used Debian. I did try OpenWRT on the legendary WR-ND1043 but still prefer a “grown up” fully fledged system :slight_smile:

This i guess…??

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More like this But in general, recently there was some progress/discussions regarding upstreaming at least part of DTS, so there is some progress on getting vanilla kernel there.

There is a script for building Debian image for Omnia by @brill. It works pretty well. You can even install it alongside the TurrisOS and have a multi-boot system :wink:

Well, there is not only the script on GitHub but also my version of Debian build by the script:

We are working on putting Omnia support to mainline, but the problem lies in the switch that resist any attempts to make it work with upstream DSA driver (which is completely different that the driver we use in OpenWRT/TurrisOS).