Using usb floppy for peristent logs

This is just to see if it is possible. I’ve got a usb floppy drive. I’d like to use it for log rotation but I can’t get /dev/fd0
Any ideas?

BAH, nevermind, it mounts itself in /dev/sdc :smiley:

Why did you think that question, which you asked is stupid? There’s no such thing as a stupid question. :slight_smile:

I changed thread’s name and also changed category to SW issue instead of Omnia HW category.

I would recommend to use usb flash drive instead of Floppy, which they have a really small capacity these days.

But it also depends, if you want to keep only some logs there or all logs.

It sort of is stupid tho, I’ve got msata for logrotate already, just wanted to hear the nostalgic sound of the floppy spinning up once every 24h