Using SQM . can i set bandwidth to each ethernet port on turris?

hello i am currently using omnia. i understand that sqc can set bandwidth and i am currently trying to figure out how to set bandwidth priority to a specific ethernet port. there are currently 5 ports on the turris omnia and i have the device i want the highest bandwidth priority on ethernet port 2, the rest i want to set lower limits for. how can i do so? I ask because after switching from a different router, ive been experiencing lag spikes and ping spikes in game with the Turris Omnia. and what is ethernet interface eth0 ? and eth1? hope to get some much needed help , keep in mind i am very novice when it comes to configuring things in this layout and LuCI interface.

Hi theworst ping,

I take it you followed @iddqd instructions at How to use the cake queue management system on the Turris Omnia about how to get cake working under sqm-scripts? If not please do so and re-test whether that will not already fix your problem.
SQM allows to instantiate multiple shapers (on different interfaces), but the catch is that if instantiate multiple independent shapers on internal interfaces, you will either massively over- or under-use the WAN bandwidth, the former leading to bad latency under load and the latter to poor speedtest measurements and bandwidth utilization. Setting up a shaper that will treat multiple internal ports differently is possible, but not easy, so avoid that if possible.
My approach would be to try to figure out where exactly your “lag spikes” are coming from and then try to fix that root cause…

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lag spikes i believe would be coming from other people in household using streaming services. id like to limit their bandwidth and prioritize my gaming bandwidth this way i can reduce or eliminate ping increases. now i read that topic though i am not entirely sure on where to click to install cake. its not just as simple as going in the LuCI interface and clicking software and typing in cake is it?.. i am a novice when it comes to these things so any suggestion on where and how to simply install cake would be appreciated . thank you again for your previous reply!

There are step by step instructions in the first post in the link. Just read it and do it.

Ah, the discussion went to the linked thread and unfortunately we could not help @theworstping.