Using Omnia (LXC) in cyber war against Russia

Hi guys,

I kinda have a problem to sit tight, watch news and do nothing these days. I’m wondering if there is a way how to use my Omnia (LXC probably) in cyber war against Russian propaganda.

I’m .NET guy, I use LXC to run PowerShell scripts, .NET web/console applications. I can build a request generator with these, share it with other, but maybe there are some better, Linux-native, tooling for this.

Any tip are welcomed. :+1:t6:

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: I’m here just for the comments…


My advice is to be careful who you deem your enemy. Your and my real enemy are the politicians no matter which countries on earth. So be it Russian politicians or western politicians. They will not send their sons and daughters to fight their fight, but your and my children to die for their agenda. Like F.B. grab some popcorn and dont get involved in their fight.