Using LuCI often breaks my TO box

I have had many unhappy experiences trying to use LuCI to change my configuration:

  • Changing the LAN network rendered the box inaccessible
  • Changing the wireless country code or the assigned channel made the corresponding radio unable to come up

In all cases I had to do a fresh install via the Foris wizard and hope that I got all of the setting right.

Am I doing something wrong? Where can I learn more about LuCI? Are there special protocols I need to follow when changing some settings?

Sounds like something is broken in the software somewhere. Have you tried a medkit image?

In case you need further help.
please check the Omnia factory reset and look for point 4 there.

the medkit to flash to the router is found here Omnia medkit

please note , applying the medkit erase all data on your router.

@iddqd & @ubermutant : I doubt that this is a borked flash. I own 4 TOs and all behave in exactly the same broken manner. The only slightly non-standard thing I do on my boxes is install fix-switch.

During my initial wizard-based install I define a LAN distinct from the default 192.168.x.y and indicate my locale as USA (not the Czech Republic). I suspect that LuCI fails to seed consistently all of its fields from authoritative sources. Rather I would guess it has some fields seeded with values that match the wizard’s defaults. Were that the case then when I make a change via LuCI it would write back stale values leading consistently to a broken configuration.

Probably not related to your problem, but the issue that fix-switch resolves was fixed in Turris 3.5.2 release. If you’re up to date you shouldn’t need fix-switch anymore.

@tonyquan, Thanks for pointing that out. After checking what release I am running I have removed fix-switch.