Using a different LAN port as the fallback Internet connection?

I know Turris can use an Ethernet feed as the primary, and fall back to e.g. an LTE modem. Can it use an Ethernet feed as the primary, and fall back to a different Ethernet feed?

I have cable in my house, which the cable box in “modem mode” turns into Ethernet, but I also have ADSL as backup, which the ADSL box turns into Ethernet. I’d like to seamlessly switch to the ADSL if the cable connection goes down.

Can I do this with an Omnia?


Yes, you can. They have simple doc in czech language:

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Surely such documentation will be released in English too for non Czech speaking Turris backers?

Seeing the marketing material during the campaign where cz.nic committed itself to to good documentation (e.g. but not limited to: this other topic about the documentation), the Turris Omnia comes with comprehensive documentation!

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We will get it but it will take a bit longer. I’m fine with this as they are not something i wanted.

Also Omnia has pretty much standard OpenWRT, so any OpenWRT guide will suffice for most tasks.