User Interface not accessible

It is not possible anymore to access the user interface via
I see the usual available applications:
luci ludus
but when I click on one of them it gives me this message:

Unhandled Exception

An unhandled exception was thrown by the application.

Hi @HuguesTurris

mhm, try a factory reset ?
or press in youre webbrowser f12 and see wat the network traffic show ? http status 304 or 500> ?

Is JavaScript allowed ?

http status 500.
How can i see if javascript is allowed?
I have this problem on all of my devices.
It used to work before.

Hello @HuguesTurris,

May I ask you to be more specific on which application you clicked?
You said that you click on one of them, but there are three choices and without specifying that, it could be a little bit problematic what we should investigate or help you with solving your issue.

Whatever of these 3 I choose. See pic

Not sure if this helps ... , but when i have any issues with "web-apps" or "lighttpd" i do :

I would check /etc/config/foris /etc/config/ludus /etc/config/luci if there are “*-opkg” versions (if so remove them, resp.: merge changes if needed) . In general any -opkg files anywhere might cause some issues and sometimes TOS updates brings some new stuff to /etc as well, without cleaning the old ones…so there might be residual configs /duplicate configs , conflicting module(s) …

… check /etc/lighttpd/modules.d , it might be the case, that you have two modules but with different prefix number, for example: 10-setenv.env and 20-setenv.env might cause some issues to lighttpd when present , same way check /etc/lighttpd/conf.d folder. I had issues with “alias” “setenv” or/and “fastcgi/cgi” modules so far …
Some time ago there was also issue/change in main config , how the conf.d files are included/called (sh vs include)

You can also check the web server config: lighttpd -t -f /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf or with more verbose output lighttpd -tt -f /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

To have some more info, you can set in lighttpd.conf : server.errorlog = "/tmp/log/lighttpd_error.log" , in case config check passed okey and you have issues later (very possibly when cgi/fastcgi is called to provide luci or foris).