Use SIM as 'primary' internet

Can the SIM slot (and associated cellular service) be used as the primary internet service? Would this be LTE (assuming that the associated cellular provider, T-Mobile, has LTE in the area)? Does the SIM make use of any/all of the antennas for cellular reception?

Omnia does not have LTE (nor any other) modem built-in. The SIM slot is just connected to the miniPCIe slot, so you can use modem cards that do not provide SIM slot on them. It’s up to you what modem you plug in - during the campaign we have offered an “LTE modem pack” which included Quectel EC20 LTE modem and two antennas with pigtails.

Thanks for the response.

Is there a hole in the case to allow the antennas to connect to the modem?

Can the modem be set at the primary internet connection?

well, i was told that also the standard version has 2 additional holdes in the casing… so yes and yes

Some more detail on this would really be appreciated, especially as you have taken it upon yourselves to discontinue the LTE pack. I for one am very interested in using an Omnia with just a SIM as a primary internet connection (off-grid location).

For instance, I would like to know about the manufacturer and SKU of the antenna hardware and pigtails - how easy is this to procure, if I buy the Quectel EC20 LTE modem? If these are custom-made, please consider making them available for general purchase - either through Indiegogo or official channels, again.