Usb mass storage problem

Hy ladies and gentlemen :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done a custom kernel for my lil turris mox.
I need to use the functionality usb mass storage.

When i use the line command lsusb, i have nothing.

I think i have done a big error in my .config kernel.

Here, my dmesg.

Here my .config kernel.

Can somebody help me please?

Thank you by advance.

Can you indicate what was changed in that kernel setup? There is need to change kernel to benefit from usb mass storage? (sorry for asking, i am Omnia owner, so some stuff from MOX are not so familiar to me:)
I think … from the dmesg output is seems that mmc is not microSD card, but some USB 14G drive. Maybe that is the issue? As the router is using that as “root” and fails with following boot-up steps. Is that flash drive correctly prepared (if that was your intention to use it instead of sd card).

If you make a snapshot using schnapps, just rollback to previous setup …

If you do not care about the setup, you can factory reset your mox …

Thank you to answer me :).

I need a custom Kernel because i donner use turris os but a custom linux, build from buildroot :).

I tried o look for a .config Kernel used for turris os, to compare with mine.

this looks like you don’t have proper USB driver installed.

well i have more or less the same problems at the moment and i have installed the usb drivers as far as i know.

kmod-usb-core - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-ehci - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-net - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-net-rndis - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-serial - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-serial-option - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-serial-qualcomm - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-serial-wwan - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-storage - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-storage-extras - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-storage-uas - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb-wdm - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb2 - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
kmod-usb3 - 4.14.222-1-b05c242413ba31ef0a03c70a9c2877a9
usb-modeswitch - 2017-12-19-f40f84c2-2
usbutils - 007-10
foris-storage-plugin - 2.1-3.7-2
foris-storage-plugin-l10n-cs - 2.1-3.7-2