Ups serial to usb and usb storge usb host timeout causes disk on key not to mount

it seems the turris omnia hardware doesn’t like my ups and that causes a bunch of usb timeouts which cause all usb devices not to work

while a fix would be nice my main problem is that it causes the usb storage to fail at the wrong time so it fails to mount as the disk path vanishes which fails to mount and you get “none” mounted at /srv which causes lots of silent failures for software which uses /srv

maybe an extra test to prevent none from mounting could be created to reduce the headache it causes as it fails in random ways but the router mostly works

my latest wierd bug was ipv4 dhcp stopped working while everything else seemed to work fine and there are no hints in the logs of anything about dhcp

my ups uses an internal cypress serial to usb which might be the reason for usb problems

In my case the USB flash drive (two different types) pushed into the back port under the antenna made repeated problems. From the time I have a mini flash drive in the front slot is all without defects.