Upnp Port Forwarding question

Hi Turris army, just a quick one…

Am I correct in thinking UPnP forwarding is to be used if a router behind the R1 has UPnP enabled, allowing it to “pull” those rules through so to speak?

I know it’s best to use a modem and then do all the routing stuff on the R1, and that’s what I always do, but I’m trying to investigate how differently my TP Link modem/router may handle UPnP. For example I often hear people say CoD games and PSN often open ports like 3075/6 and 9305-9307 with the R1, yet mine only opens 9308 and usually (but not always) 3074. I don’t want to use port forwarding because of the GUI lag that pops up when the geofilter is on, and also some experts says that upnp is not good in terms of security because it allows any device to enter into the network and function accordingly.
so I thought I’d try this and see if anything different happens. Thanks ![:)]

not just router, any device.

I’m not sure what you mean “R1”, but if you have “modem” that bridges other network to your router, and router does all the routing and NAT, you nees upnp routing on our router so it can dynamically forward ports to internal network, as upnp devices ask for.

so, upnp helps create dynamic (uncontrolled) portforwarding. If you don’t want to use portforwarding upnp is even worse.