UPNP not starting, external interface not found


I’m using a MC7455 LTE Card in mbim Mode and, for some reasons, i get “external interface not found, not starting” at severall points, especially when trying to enable UPNP and trying to set a HENET Tunnel. Has anyone an Idea of some Workaround ? I suspect that some scripts are somehow depending on the fact that the “WAN” Interface should be connected, but i’m not quit shure so any help is very appreciated.


Yes, the scripts do assume that “wan” is connected. (I happened to be debugging the upnp scripts and noticed this).

I believe out of the box, /etc/config/network, in the “wan” section, always says

config interface 'wan'
        option ifname 'eth1'

I’m not an expert (don’t have an LTE card myself) but I believe this and other parts of the ‘wan’ section might need to be changed if you use a broadband card. A quick search turned up this:


starting at page 110 they talk about configuring an MC7455 on OpenWRT. I’d use schapps to take a snapshot of where you are now so you can rollback if anything goes wrong trying to configure.

Yep, that was also my first guess but /etc/config/network states:

config interface 'wan'
    option proto 'mbim'
    option device '/dev/cdc-wdm0'

and /etc/config/upnpd for example has the Option set as well (tried with “wan” and “wwan0”):

config upnpd 'config'
    option download '1024'
    option upload '512'
    option internal_iface 'lan'
    option port '5000'
    option upnp_lease_file '/var/upnp.leases'
    option uuid 'b011d895-a0dd-47bc-9a57-cca06d904fa1'
    option external_iface 'wwan0'

So i am pretty out of ideas currently…