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Continuing the discussion from PCB manufacturing issues:

I see there are several videos posted on CZ.NIC’s’ YouTube channel related to current developments such as the current PCB issues and services running on the Turris. Unfortunately, these recorded talks are all held in Czech which is unfortunate since it renders the audio part useless to most contributors (including me).

To me, a substantial part of backing a project like yours is to become part of the development process, i.e. understand your thoughts, decisions, problems, tradeoffs etc. That’s why I decided to invest and wait as well as to accept a substantial risk compared to buying the finished product. I’d therefore very much appreciate if you could give future talks in English and continue to share them with us. I think switching to English shouldn’t be a problem neither for you nor your audience and would make your talks much more valuable to the thousands of backers and the OpenWRT/LEDE community in general. Thanks!

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Hi, videos posted on CZ.NIC channel are not related to Omnia (most of them). These videos were made on conference Internet and Technologies 2016. This is general conference about a lot topics like DNS, DNSSEC, security issues, domains, CZ.NIC projects (like Tablexia) and the only one topic was about Omnia, where I wrote for you transcript.

I think wiki, video/tutoriales etc. will have special page like wiki or documentation for old Turris - https://www.turris.cz/doc/

I disagree with having this conference in English, but I recommend having English subtitles at each video.