Updater showing errors

Hardware is Turris Mox
Hi all, Foris is showing the following notifications. Is this anything to worry about?

Error from 2020/03/19 21:47:27

Updater failed:

runtime: [string “requests”]:395: [string “utils”]:429: Unable to finish URI (https://repo.turris.cz/hbs/mox/lists/base.lua): Download failed

How many notifications does Foris show? Did you try to run the update again manually?

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When you say manually - are you referring to command line?

No, via Updater tab in Foris.

Unfortunately this does not work for me. I will try again but previously the result was a blank web page.

This matter is resolved. Updater is not showing any errors. As the system is set to auto update, it appears to have done its job.