Updater.sh - may or may not be working

This might be real quick ! If I make a change to the list of features wanted on the updater web page and save, then updater.sh kicks in and all is good.

Having seen that 3.5 is noted in the changelog on the gitlab site, I’d expect the committed changes to also be applied by the router still shows as being at v3.4 and none of the packages that have been recently updated have changed (e.g. I’m still at curl 7.51.0-1 and not 7.52.1 which is apparently the latest version.

/etc/config/updater.sh shows a recent option I added (the majordomo package) but base isn’t listed even though it is in the medkit tar. Adding base as an option causes the updater to throw a warning about multiple repos candidates for shairpoint-sync-openssl. I haven’t modified the contents of /etc/updater (other than automagically by using the package installer from LuCI for the minimal other packages I wanted.

Any ideas?

3.5 has not been published yet for general availability.

Told you it would be quick :wink: I guess I was expecting some intra release updates but I can be patient.