Updater selhal: corruption: The md5 sum of mariadb-server does not match

Hello all,

This error message has appeared on my Omnia through Foris for quite a while:

## Error from 2018/12/27 13:01:55

Updater selhal:

corruption: The md5 sum of mariadb-server does not match

And it seems like it has prevented updates from occurring, as my Turris OS version is stuck at 3.10.8. Seeing that 3.10.9 was released 23 days ago, it’s been at least 3 weeks.

After some digging around, Ii’m pretty sure that mariadb-server was installed due to nextcloud. So I uninstalled nextcloud and mariadb-server, but I am still getting the above message.

Any advice please?

Thank you.


This is more probably the problem with either md5 calculation (md5sum command is used for that) or with network connection or with package it self. Removing nextcloud correctly should cause update to not pull mariadb at all so this error should ho away. You probably did not removed nextcloud completely. You should see if any package specified in one of configuration files /etc/updater/conf.d does not pull mariadb-server.

I verified packages on our server and those has correct md5sum so the cause should not be invalid package on our servers. Just to be sure please provide me with information such as type of turris and branch you have set.

If nothing helps then please send me log of running pkgupdate -e TRACE 2>&1 | tee updater.log.

Thanks cynerd.

Looking through this forum for advises to problems similar to my own, I came across this which suggested that the updater may have hard-coded connection/download time limit.

So I looked through packages that needed updating (since I was on 3.10.8), picked the ones that looked relatively uncustomised, and updated them directly.

I updated less than a handful of packages individually, and the above updater issue resolved itself :grinning:.

So now - I am hoping to get nextcloud running again, and I am stuck with this error messages:

root@node00:~# pkgupdate
WARN:Script file:///usr/share/updater/localrepo/localrepo.lua not found, but ignoring its absence as requested
WARN:Requested package luci-i18n-ddns-en that is missing, ignoring as requested.

And when I tried accessing nextcloud through http://node00/nextcloud, all I get is a blank page (View page source reveled blank as well).

What else can I do/try?

Thanks in advance.