Updater problems: backend assertion keeps failing


my router keeps sending me this notification

Updater failed:
runtime: [string “backend”]:1246: assertion failed!

i’ve searched the forums and not found any mention of this problem. i am happy to consult further documentation, but have not been able to find any. any pointers or suggestions would be welcome, thx.

What version of Turris OS/Updater-ng?


i got this information from:
system > software in the advanced administration tab

turris-version 3.5.3
updater-ng 49.1

i hope it is the same information you have asked for. if not, please give me a hint as to where i should look for it. thx.

Ok. Then this is already fixed bug. You have single userlist added multiple times in /etc/config/updater or you are calling some script multiple times on your own in /etc/updater.

thank you, that was exactly it. i had a duplicates in /etc/config/updater … :bow:

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