Updater fails: unable to resolve host address 'repo.turris.cz'



I too have the same problem, the router was working fine up to the beginning of this Month (exactly) when it suddenly started failing to resolve repo.turris.cz

I run pi-hole which also serves my DNS & DHCP as a container on the router, WAN Adv settings have the Pi-hole as the DNS address.

It’s not an internet outage, all my devices on the network resolve repo.turris.cz the router fails to resolve the address however.

Where can I force the router to use the pi-hole for it’s internal DNS query? (as I suspect this is the problem as it has a static LAN address.)

I’ve worked around this for now by adding repo.turris.cz to my hosts file.


I have solved this now by adding my pi-hole container IP as a nameserver in addition to localhost in resolv.conf.

Why things break on this router with no intervention from me is a mystery!


search lan


I recently started suffering from the resolv.conf being over written on reboot. The following solves that:

Replace the xx IP with the DNS IP ( in my case).