Updater failed: turris-survey

Been getting this last couple of days:
inconsistent: Package turris-survey requires package sentinel-proxy that is not available.

On HBK. Turris OS version: 5.2.4

Same version here and I also get error regarding this package.

Updater failed:

inconsistent: Package sentinel-nikola requires package sentinel-proxy that is not available.

Let’s say that these inconsistencies are normal: some packages are moved from one repository to another or the architecture of some components of the operating system is changed. These are things that usually fix themselves with subsequent builds. Nothing serious.

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I am just getting to your messages now! It’s good to hear that some of you are using HBK builds. :clap:

It happened on Saturday or Sunday when I was working to bring you a new release, but things didn’t work out as I thought. I don’t have full builds and only minimal builds in my local machine, saving me many Gbs across all branches and routers. Because build system is specific for each OpenWrt version and target (device = router).

The first issue was with the czmq, which added support for NSS in the new version, and I noticed it only when running full build on our servers. Library czmq is used almost in every Sentinel package.

Once I fixed czmq, new builds were not introduced as the same thing happened with the syslog-ng, where was added support for MQTT. This is what you didn’t experience as syslog-ng is critical package and if it is missing, build fails.

The thing is that many compilers options are on auto. This means that if it is detected by the build system that it is present, it tries to use it. If you want to know more, you can look at my commits at OpenWrt packages feed in the openwrt-19.07 branch.

TL;DR: Basically, what said @lucenera might apply here as well.

Anyway, this should be fixed since today. If anything happens in HBK, it is always good to know about it. :+1:

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Thanks for the detailed response. Yes, the issue went away after a few days. It’s not the first time it happened and normally it always goes away after one or two days, but this time it seemed to be taking longer. Anyway, fine now.