Updater failed: [string "postprocess"]:104: [string "postprocess"]:64: attempt to concatenate field 'Filename' (a nil value)

I started getting following message:

Updater failed:

[string “postprocess”]:104: [string “postprocess”]:64: attempt to concatenate field ‘Filename’ (a nil value)

Does anyone know what’s the problem or how to diagnose it ?

I’m using version TurrisOS 5.2.0.

It may be related, but before I was getting following message:

Updater failed:

inconsistent: Requested package subversion-server that is not available.
I downloaded the missing packages (from Index of /archive/) and put them into local repo.

This seems like an invalid package index. Can you please run localrepo check --fix.

In any case taking packages from archive and installing them won’t most likely work unless they are just scripts. The link dependencies are going to be broken most likely unless this is pretty much latest release.

I run localrepo check --fix and the result is Local repository seems to be consistent.

I didn’t take packages from archive and install them. The packages were in the official repo (https://repo.turris.cz/hbs/) I installed them from there and then they were removed. I only took the packages I had already installed and put them into local repo so the updater wouldn’t complain.

If packages are available in HBS and you are using HBS then the updater won’t complain. There is something rotten in your configuration as it seems. Can you please send me diagnostics in PM?

The packages were available in the repo and now they’re not. I installed them long ago and the updater only started to complain few days ago.

I rechecked my local repo and I noticed that some metadata were missing. I added them and I’ll see in a few hours if it fixed the issue.

What diagnostics do you mean ?

The problem seems to be fixed - the updater just updated some packages.

For the future, is there a way to diagnose a problem with the updater, other than blindly guessing ?

You can run check using localrepo for index consistency.