Updater disabled by default, cannot enable

Hello everybody,

I just flashed the latest medkit (Turris 3.6.5, Kernel version 4.4.59-627f0117679bc72ef5e58881035f567a-4). After flashing, I just set up wifi and internet connection.
When I go to “Updater” in foris, there is a message “The Updater is currently disabled. You must enable it first to manage package lists.”
At first I thought it was because there was no crl.pem directly after boot, but that was not the case. Here is the link to the file /tmp/updater_crash.log: Plain Text code - 103 lines - codepad

Do you know how to solve this? Thanks

Final edit (thanks to mpetracek):

The solution was to add the following two lines to /etc/config/foris:

config config ‘eula’
option agreed_updater ‘1’

let’s try this:
login to Turris Omnia’s SSH server and type there (you can also copy&paste it):

opkg update

Did you restart your router? Message should be gone.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I had already tried that, as well as get-api-crl. opkg update and updater.sh work without a problem, and I can install packages manually, but in foris, I still get the abovementioned message.
Interestingly, above that message (it’s in a yellow bar), there is a blue bar which says “Data collection is currently enabled. You can not disable updater without disabling the data collection first.” This message assumes that the updater is enabled.

Restarting the router did not help. I still cannot choose any package lists.

I’ve got the same issue recently, but I’m not sure how I managed to fix it, I didn’t have time to debug it…
Try to look into /etc/config/updater, if there isn’t option disable '1' in override section.

the section would look like:
config override 'override' option disable '1'

If the one is there, try changing it to ‘0’ (using nano or vim). That might fix it.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, there’s no such section in the config.

Ok, maybe try adding this section to /etc/config/updater.

Just add to the end of the file the following:
config override 'override' option disable '0'

Save it and check if it helps. Maybe try rebooting if nothing changes immediately.

Thanks. That didn’t work. Maybe something is wrong with file permissions. Or maybe it has to do with that particular version of the medkit?

Ok, so I just learned there is another configuration option that might cause this.

Look into /etc/config/foris, there should be section

config config 'eula' option agreed_updater '1'

If it’s not there, add it there. Let me know if it helped, I will report this problem then.

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Hi, mpetracek,

these two lines were missing in /etc/config/foris, and adding did indeed solve the problem! Thank you for helping me with this. May I ask how you found out about it?

He works at CZ.NIC. :wink:

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So it’s almost an official support answer! :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve been revealed :slight_smile: When I saw your problem, it reminded that I’ve encountered something very similar recently. So I asked @shenek (author/maintainer of Foris) how this could happen.

You’re welcome, I will report this bug to Foris. I don’t know why this happens though, Foris should write this into configuration… Probably something is in wrong state after using medkit.