Updated Workflow diagram?

To help my understanding of the site (HBD, HBL, HBK, HBT & HBS) is there an updated version of the workflow diagram? Something like: https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/turris-build/-/blob/hbd/WORKFLOW.adoc

I just want to follow what’s going on with a slightly better understanding. The workflow diagram helps a lot, but I can’t map the various release messages into my own version of the workflow in my brain. A version of this workflow with current versions mapped to the correct “here be” repository would help a lot.

Apologies if this has been asked before. I have searched and searched, but found nothing but these examples which are stuck in the 4.0.x release stream.


This docs isn’t sufficiently detailed for you, I guess?

New workflow diagram is something that is stale at the moment. There is not finished version here: https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/turris-build/-/blob/feature/workflow/WORKFLOW.adoc

I’ve seen those docs and while they get close, it would be nice to have a ‘live’ version of WORKFLOW.adoc · hbd · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab which actually shows the latest version in each of the repos. It would help demonstrate to people what the current status is and give them a glance as to what the future holds for them (in whichever branch they are happy in).

Personally I normally inhabit HBS, but occasionally try HBT. Having a live diagram would help users like me track what is coming down their path.

This version of the diagram chopped it into parts so that it is not possible to read the workflow from the diagram.

Incidentally, all HBT releases get topics here, describing what’s coming. To me personally that seems easier to consume.