Update turris omnia through lan port

Hello, currently using t.omnia as a WiFi acces point . I have an Ethernet cable running from the supplied router/modem . How do I go about updating the t.omnia while it is connected this way? The only way I’ve known to update the Turris is with the modem wan cable directly connected to it, though this is not how it is set up at the moment , only connected via Ethernet to one of its switch ports. Any ideas ? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, if I understand it 100% correctly, but basically there shouldn’t be any big problem with this configuration as long as Omnia knows how to access internet. So I think correctly configured default route should be enough.

Would you be able to send here output from following few commands? (if you have ssh access to your router and you know how to do it)
ip addr
ip route
ping -c 5
ping -c 5 www.google.com

Indeed just like @horada said. You just need to put a default route (gateway) in your LAN (br-lan).

LuCi -->Network–>Interfaces–>LAN–>Edit–>IPV4 gateway–(put here the ipaddress of your router that is doing the internet work, making it the gateway to internet). I have tested this before and it works if you have no WAN interface.

Hey! Thanks guys. I was succefully able to have it update to 3.9.6 while it was connected to the internet via lan switch port to a main router/modem. Though when it restarted, I do no see the option to view network connections via foris(which I beleive is called pakon?). Wasn’t this a new feature that was added recently?

Anyhow thank you for suggestions as they have seem to achieve what I was going for :slight_smile:

OOh i thought you were going to use LuCi. Anyways, what i gave as instructions was using LuCi and not Foris. Foris is basic as it is. But whatever it may be, as long as it does the job :).

I think, that Foris (web) interface for pakon is in the RC version, no released yet. (correct me if I’m wrong…)