Update of 4.0.5 gets "out of memory "

Hi all,

I just tried to update my turris mox through the forris updated. My forris version is 100.7

I get the following notification:
Updater failed: Failed to fork command //etc/updater/hook_preupdate/05_schnapps.sh: Out of memory

My actual version is:
|Turris OS version |4.0.5|
|Turris OS branch |hbs|
|Kernel version |4.14.162|

I have several packages installed:
data collection, internet connection speed measurement, openVPN, pakon and tor.

From the luci interface I can see that I have plenty of space left:
Filesystem Mount Point Available Used
/dev/mmcblk1p1 / 14.21 GB / 14.84 GB 3% (433.24 MB)
tmpfs /tmp 234.61 MB / 242.69 MB 3% (8.08 MB)

Could the problem be that I don’t have sufficient RAM? I didn’t see any OOM message in the kernel log though.

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Memory could be RAM, not disk space. Do you have 512 MB or 1 GB version? Try disable (or stop) Pakon and Tor and run pkgupdate command from CLI manually (possible as well after clean start).

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In the end I was able to update. I first deinstalled all packages which were used for pakon:
opkg list |grep pakon
opkg remove

After that I was able to run pkgupdate. It seems that the router crashed, but after a hard reset, it startet the postinit scripts and afterwards I needed to run pkgupdate again. Now I have the new Turris OS version 5.1.1 installed. I can’t install some of the package I had, but that’s not a problem. At least I have an up to date router now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!