Update msmtp >= 1.8.4 for OAUTHBEARER / XOAUTH2 support?

In Feb 2021 Google will remove the “allow less secure app access” setting. This will prevent msmtp from sending through smtp.gmail.com.

msmtp supports Google’s preferred OAUTHBEARER method since version 1.8.4.

Could you bump msmtp for Turris Omnia from 1.6.2-2 to a version that supports auth oauthbearer?


Note: Turris OS 5.0 has msmtp-1.8.4 already. That’s in HBL branch now, but I don’t know when that will be released.

This forum thread should be labeled as Turris OS 3.x and the same thing is in Turris OS 4.x, but we are not going to release it as @vcunat pointed out we are focusing on Turris OS 5.0 release when it is fixed.

Issue for Turris OS 3.x:

Issue for Turris OS 4.x (based on top of OpenWrt 18.06 with our patches and feed):

If you would like to use Turris OS 4.x or lately 5.x, we are still working on automatic migration and in the meantime, you can use re-flash method as described in our documentation. Update from 4.x to 5.x won’t require re-flash and it will be handled automatically.

Thanks. I will wait for automatic migration from 3.x or for 3.11.16 if it includes msmtp 1.8.7.

The update of msmtp to version 1.8.7 is included in Turris OS 3.11.16, which should be hopefully soon in RC.

I will see if there’s anything that I can do about OpenWrt 18.06 as we don’t plan to release based on it, but on OpenWrt 19.07.