Update fails with file conflict

I just approved the latest update from November (again). However, the upgrade process failed with the error message

##### Update notifications #####
Updater selhal: 

[string "transaction"]:317: [string "transaction"]:146: Collisions:

• /usr/bin/tail: coreutils-tail (existing-file), busybox (new-file)

I could probably work around this by uninstalling coreutils-tail prior to the upgrade and reinstalling it afterwards. However, I think this is something the updater should handle.

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I had similar issue with vsftpd(with ssl) vs vsftpd(without ssl) some time ago. So i made entry for uninstalling conflicting package in “user.lua” file /etc/updater/conf.d/user.lua --> Uninstall ("vsftpd",{priority = 60}).

(it is doku for updater.sh, now TOS is using pkgupdate instead, but logic is same)

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