Up/Downspeed MOX problems

Running a MOX classic with os TurrisOS 4.0.2 aaafc5d / LuCI branch (git-19.298.83314-1823b11)
The mox is connected with PPPoE -VLAN to a fiber NTU, with a 500/500 fiber line.
The up and down speed hardly gets over 200/300.

When i download a 1 GB file from another location, this is what netdata is showing @ the MOX.

With another router ( synology ) it makes between 400/500 up & down.


This is not the first thread stating, that NAT traffic on MOX doesn’t reach Gigabit speed. (Edit: have a look here Can't get 1Gbit on Mox Classic)
It’s different with LAN speed (without NAT), that easily reaches Gigabit speed (I tested that myself).
Maybe turris staff (@Pepe / @paja ?) can give a statement on this?

Not sure if this a NAT issue, or do you mean a NAT issue with the MOX?
The synology is also using NAT, and the draytek before also uses NAT.
And no issues, speedwise?
Also on my Omnia i do get normal max speeds.

No, this isn’t NAT- but performance-issue. There must be something wrong with the software, because hardware-wise (given RAM and CPU MOX uses) there shouldn’t be any issue.

Ah ok, sorry for mistaking… Another thing i was asking myself, on the image i notice that the inbound is double compared to the outbound.
When i do the same type of upload with my Omnia, the values are equal. Shown here.

So, something is not right i think, on the ( indeed ) software/OS side with the MOX?