Unable to "run/start" TurrisOS on MOX A



Hi all,

few weeks ago I received the Turris Mox A module. Now I am quite frustrated with my current situation.
I followed this guide to make it run properly, but I am stuck with the step nr. 4.
The image is extracted to the micro SD card which is inserted in the MOX. I followed the rescue modes guide
doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/mox_rescue_modes but with no luck.
After a reset the MOX still blinks like crazy and I am not able to connect to the webGUI nor even to arp-ping the IP/MAC address.
A short video guide on how to successfully start the MOX A (standalone) module with rescue mode 4 and log in to webGUI would be more than appreciated.



It goes as is onto the card and not extracted


Thanks, this solved the problem. :+1:

Just for the record, the micro SD card is formated as EXT4.