Unable to install luci-app-unbound

i’m unable to install luci-app-unbound on Turris OS 5.1.1, Turris Omnia
the unbound-daemon its now named only unbound so they never meet the requirements

or I don’t know if it installs and it doesn’t work

Hello @kalashnikov,

Would you please tell us, why you don’t want to use Knot Resolver on your Turris Omnia router? Even though if you manage somehow to install luci-app-unbound on your router, it will not work.

We are using forked version from OpenWrt of unbound and as OpenWrt package and LuCI uses UCI for configuration, we are not using that. For configuration, if it is unbound or Knot Resolver, we are using resolver-conf package. You might want to take a look at configuration /etc/config/resolver.

Our long-term goal is to get or rather use the upstream version of unbound and send Knot Resolver to OpenWrt as well.