Unable to connect at Wifi 5Ghz :(


I own the Turris Omnia that till now I used only in Wifi 2.4Ghz (and not activated the 5Ghz card in it). I have basically copied all settings of my 2.4Ghz adapter but it’s not working, well not as it should be. (setup in AC mode, Canal Auto and Width 80Mhz, security settings are same than my 2.4, might it be a problem or conflict ?). 2.4 is setup in WPA2-PSK with Force CCMP (AES).
When I activate the 5Ghz adapter my phone (compatible with both 2.4 and 5) it tries to connect at 5Ghw signal and then drop after few seconds !!
Anything specific for 5Ghz adapter ? Is it a problem to use same SSID for 2.4 and 5 ?

Thanks for help


No, and there should not be any issue.

If 802.11w Management Frame Protection is set to required change it to optional or disabled.

Also try and see whether changing the cipher to TKIP or TKIP & CCMP makes a difference.
Try with another client, if available.
Try only one band at a time in the router.
Try with a simple WPA passphrase, just to rule out some clerical error.
Try 40 MHz instead of 80.

Turning on 5GHz may take up to 10 minutes due to the scan for interference with some radar frequencies.

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Thanks for advices and it looks to work now :wink: I thought TKIP had to be deactivated as it’s not secure anymore no ? or is it safe in combination with CCMP ? On 2.4 band I have only CCMP activated !


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Do you know what made the difference?

WPA2 mandates AES-based CCMP for message integrity and confidentiality.
TKIP (weaker) is optional and is endorsed under WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protection Access version 2), providing key mixing (combine secret root key with initialization vector)
TKIP is not directly comparable to AES; TKIP is an integrity check, AES is an encryption algorithm.

Reading from [OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi /etc/config/wireless it is not clear to me whether adding +TKIP is enhancing security or simply being a fallback compatibility for older clients that do not support AES/CCMP.