Ucollect & traffic counter

I am looking for a method to count the traffic on the Lte interface.
I have a specific monthly data plan with my provider and i need to know the usage and keep historical logs.
As Ucollect is installed and running, I am wondering if I could use it to count the traffic on the Lte interface and keep historical logs. Here are the ucollect config file contents now:

config interface
        option ifname 'eth1'

config fakes 'fakes'
		option log_credentials '0'

I can probably include the interface Lte based on the documentation but I will need some help how to log the data for specific time-period (i.e from the 4rth day each month to the 4rth day next month).

config interface
           option ifname '3g-Lte'
           option promiscuous 1 ??should i include this option??

In case that ucollect can not be used for what i am looking for, can someone propose any alternative?

First, ucollect reports the data to the server and doesn’t store anything locally. If you’re OK with that, then it could be set up in that way.

However, the data shown on the server is summed together from all the interfaces. So you would want to:

  • Disable WAN autodetect
  • Leave only one interface, 3g-Lte

Then you can probably look at the graphs on the server and position them so they cover your interval.

The promiscuous option enables analysing traffic that is not directed to your device, but comes in anyway (this might happen on ethernet, for example, but I doubdt it happens on LTE, so it probably doesn’t matter).

All that being said, I’d only add that ucollect’s main purpose is something different, so it is not a perfect match for what you need.

Thank you for your answer.
For the time being, I can test this option as wan side of my turris omnia is in fact the lan side of another network.
Just to be sure, by “disable WAN autodetect” do you mean commenting out the current setting i.e.?

#config interface
#      option ifname 'eth1'

Would you propose any other alternative if i decide not to use ucollect?

# cat /etc/config/ucollect

config interface
	option ifname '3g-Lte'

config fakes 'fakes'
	option log_credentials '0'

But ucollect reports error

# ucollect 
INFO:  Initializing emergency signal handlers
INFO:  Creating a main loop
INFO:  Creating uplink
INFO:  Initializing PCAP (in) on 3g-Lte
INFO:  Initializing PCAP (out) on 3g-Lte
WARN:  Ignoring config section 'fakes' of unknown type 'fakes'
ERROR: No uplink configuration found
INFO:  Closing both PCAPs on 3g-Lte
DIE:   No configuration available