Ucollect/mardomo crashes whole Turris Omnia after few months

Hi guys! Thank you for making great product, it is doing great service for me.

Till I have installed (a half a year a ago) Majordomo (using LuCI) in Turris Omnia and followed setup instructions in GUI. After day or so I have seen stats and everything seems to be working fine.

Yesterday router stopped routing. Web admin was not accessible. LuCI ended up in “Internal Server Error”.

Whole thing has been caused by file /tmp/ucollect_majordomo that was more then 950MB big. There should be some process that deletes this file from time to time or just deletes processed rows.

Is this a bug or a feature? If it is feature, how should I configure ucollect/majordomo to continuously process statistics to not overload my /tmp.


First you will need to plug flash drive (or HDD, whatever you want) to your’s Omnia. Ofc don’t forget to mount it!

Then go to Luci - Statistics - Majordomo and click on "Settings"
You will see this: “Path to majordomo DB. Set it to permanent storage like USB disk to preserve data between reboots.” just change it and it’s done :slight_smile:

BTW: Same applies for RRD (graphs if you like)

Somebody said that Majordomo won’t be updated, because they’re working on something better.