Typo on Foris WAN Page EN

Typo found in English. Should be ‘your’.

Turris OS version 4.0
Kernel version 4.14.131

Another typo. Should be ‘your’. Location is in OpenVPN section.

Thank you for finding those two typos! I’ve just prepared a pull requests, where I fixed them.

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Just one more typo. Should be managed: Foris > MANAGED DEVICES > SET UP > Loading manged devices…

Good catch. While fixing it, I found some more, so I fixed them as well and currently it is on review.


It was reviewed, merged and will be included in Foris version 100.2, which will be in Turris OS 3.11.6 and Turris OS 4.0 beta7.

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Which will be release soon … I hope