Typo in messages

Not sure if this should go here or if I should submit an actual bug report:

Update from 2017/11/10 12:29:22
The updater requests an autorisation of its planned actions. You can grant it in the Foris administrative interface.
• Install libstdcpp 4.8-linaro-4
• Install resolver-conf 0.0.1-17
• Install knot-resolver 1.4.0-3
• Install libunbound 1.6.7-1
• Install curl 7.56.0-1
• Install opkg 5
• Install ntpdate 4.2.8p10-1
• Install turris-version 3.8.5
• Install bash 4.4.11-2

Should be “authorization” not “autorisation”.

Are you sure? https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/authorisation

That’s a difference between American spelling and British spelling. I’m not sure I care, but in any case autorisation is right out.


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